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Caltech Adds Solar to Power Campus Buildings

At times when it is costly to buy electricity from the grid, Caltech has installed solar panels on the rooftops of eight more of its campus buildings. The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is a private research university in Pasadena, California. From being early birds at the student center, gym to staying up for [...]

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Maine Shelter Home chooses Community Solar

More people and organizations are interested in going solar than ever before. According to a recent survey, a growing number of homeowners are choosing solar energy to power their homes. Following the lead, York County Shelter Programs (YCSP), has recently subscribed to a community solar program. The non-profit organization was founded in 1979 and [...]

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On September 9, 2021, The Vermont Public Power Supply Authority (VPPSA) and Encore Renewable Energy announced the commissioning of a new 2.1MW community solar project. Noteworthy fact is that the solar plant is constructed on an underutilized brownfield site in Morrisville, Vermont, which was previously used as an auto salvage yard. The site/junk yard [...]

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As the United States races to achieve its goal of zero-carbon electricity generation by 2035, energy providers are ramping up the installation of renewable resources such as solar and wind. But being somewhat weather dependent, renewables lack the possibility of achieving a continuous supply on their own due to their inherent intermittence. So, what [...]

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Cruise Powers Its Self-Driving Electric Cars with Solar Energy from California Farms

"Farm to Fleet" All-electric, self-driving vehicles in San Francisco and family-owned farms in California’s Central Valley may not appear to have much in common. Nestled among citrus groves and vineyards in California’s agriculture heartland are rows of solar panels that are now powering Cruise’s all-electric AV fleet. Cruise is a shared, self-driving, all-electric vehicle [...]

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Buy Solar with your Eyes Open | Solar 101

How to Buy Solar: Awareness Series Solar can significantly eliminate your monthly electric bill and reduce your carbon footprint. It also offers a safe and reliable investment by providing protection from rising electricity costs. 2021 is the perfect time to invest in solar energy with the multiple layers of government rebates and financial incentives [...]

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Pay Cash vs Financing for Solar Panels

FINANCING OR PAY CASH?  Getting a Solar PV System for a home or a business is a big financial constraint. Any action you take plays a very big role in how much your system will cost and how much money you will save over its lifetime.  You can buy a system, lease it or [...]

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It is clear as a cloudless sky that the world needs to switch to clean energy sources to prevent further climate change.  Renewable energy sources like solar are at the forefront of the global energy transition currently taking place. However, there are several other reasons for the popularity of solar amongst American homeowners as [...]

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Anti Solar Bill Defeated but Battle Not Over Yet

Anti solar Bill ie. Assembly Bill 1139 is nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. There’s no better way to kill rooftop solar in California than this bill. The bill wants nothing but to change the rules in favor of some big investor-owned utilities so that they can profit off the energy created by [...]

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