It is clear as a cloudless sky that the world needs to switch to clean energy sources to prevent further climate change.  Renewable energy sources like solar are at the forefront of the global energy transition currently taking place.

However, there are several other reasons for the popularity of solar amongst American homeowners as well business owners. The following two are main reasons:

(i) Solar’s ability and role in addressing climate change and (ii) Precipitous 70% drop in the cost of solar power equipment since 2010.

Install solar panels at the right time

The question isn’t “Should I install solar on my home or on my industrial property?”. The only question that remains is “Should I get solar now or wait some more time?” If the prices are declining continuously, why not wait another year?

To be completely honest, it is possible that with continuous advancement in the sector you may get some high output solar panels at a lower cost, but you will certainly miss out on the financial benefits your solar energy system provides. Solar PV System costs may down but contrary to those soft costs such as permitting costs, site visits, labor costs for installation may only go up.

Believe it or not, savings on account of reduced energy bills + Federal & State Incentives which you will get for installing solar may outweigh the solar cost decrease over time.

If you are still asking whether you should wait to get solar, the answer is a big No! The ITC steps back from 26% to 22% in 2023. While 4% may not seem like a lot but the bigger the system you require, the more you stand to lose by waiting.

For example, in 2021 you postponed your plan to install solar for two years. Considering the trend, you may see a drop of roughly 2% in PV System cost, but you struck up paying your electricity bill every month, which you might reduce substantially with the help of solar. Do you know residential electricity charges have risen almost 30% on average in just the last one decade?

Waiting to install solar panels means waiting to save on your energy bill and continuing to pay more for that energy as prices rise. In addition, Solar panels increase the value of your property.

Although we have discussed sufficient reasons to choose solar and you are too willing to install solar right away but the problem remains the same: Cost of System.

It is true that installing solar may create an additional financial burden all of a sudden. Even with lower prices, several federal as well as state incentives, and more expensive energy prices, some homeowners cannot justify going solar because of the cost.

Financing Option Available:

If you are interested in installing solar on your home or on your business now but don’t have sufficient funds on hand, there are still several options available. That is why Staten Solar has created programs that allow homeowners and business owners to gain access to all of the benefits of going solar without having to pay a single dollar down.

Choosing a solar installer is the second most important decision you can make after choosing to go solar now. When you choose Staten Solar as your solar installer, you have chosen custom plans, great service, savings, and a greener and greater planet for yourself and the coming generation.

So now that you know that it isn’t worth waiting on going solar, don’t go another year paying too much money for electricity. This is the best time to get solar. Take control and produce your own energy for less by getting solar now.

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