Santa Barbara Middle School Upgrades To Clean Energy

Santa Barbara Middle School has recently completed installing solar panels at its beautiful Alameda Padre Serra campus. The 56.550kW system with optimizers can offset 100% of the school's current annual electricity usage. Considering the historic architecture of the building, the school took special care that the installation was non-invasive. Luckily, the public view of [...]

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Win For Solar Industry! FERC dismissed net metering Challenge

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission rejected a plea last week to declare solar net metering policies illegal. The filing with FERC threatened to end utility practices of compensating solar owners for their excess energy, but the agency dismissed the petition, saying that net metering should remain in states' control. The Petition On April 14th, 2020, NERA filed a petition suggesting that [...]

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Are you well prepared for the next PG&E Shutoff?

Surprisingly, it has only been six months since the Kincade fire burned through town and forced families to flee to safety. Luckily, some areas were spared. If families would have stayed, they would have been stuck without electricity for almost a week, because PG&E shutting down power lines to prevent them from sparking additional blazes. [...]

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