As the United States races to achieve its goal of zero-carbon electricity generation by 2035, energy providers are ramping up the installation of renewable resources such as solar and wind. But being somewhat weather dependent, renewables lack the possibility of achieving a continuous supply on their own due to their inherent intermittence. So, what [...]

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World’s Largest Battery Storage Facility Just got Bigger

Pairing renewable energy power plants with energy storage is a trend of increasing importance as the cost of energy storage declines. Battery storage systems are emerging as one of the potential solutions to increase system flexibility, due to their unique capability to quickly absorb, hold, and then release electricity. Unlike conventional storage systems, such [...]

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Cruise Powers Its Self-Driving Electric Cars with Solar Energy from California Farms

"Farm to Fleet" All-electric, self-driving vehicles in San Francisco and family-owned farms in California’s Central Valley may not appear to have much in common. Nestled among citrus groves and vineyards in California’s agriculture heartland are rows of solar panels that are now powering Cruise’s all-electric AV fleet. Cruise is a shared, self-driving, all-electric vehicle [...]

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Double your benefit with Solar PV & Green Roof Green roofs are not a new invention. For a long time, humans have been endeavoring to integrate plants into their architecture. As more and more cities all over the world trying to greenify their grey tops, interest in green roofs has significantly enhanced. An opportunity, [...]

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Driscolls picks solar power

The company is using the sun not only to grow berries but also to cut its operational costs. Driscolls is a California-based global leader in fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. The company develops exclusive patented berry varieties using only traditional breeding methods. The Sun, which helps them grow berries of different kinds, is [...]

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California’s Grid Problem: 1 effective way to overcome it.

California and Texas are identical! Sounds weird, but this is true. They may be worlds apart in their politics and climate policies, but one thing they have in common: they both can’t withstand extreme weather. The power grid in both states has left its people stranded in the dark, whether it is the most [...]

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US bans imports of Solar Panel material from Chinese Company

It is not out of place to mention here that last week U.S. Senate passed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill while adopting a $3.5 trillion budget plan.  Five core areas of spending focus on families, climate, healthcare, and infrastructure, and jobs. What’s new about it? It happens all the time. This time a proposal [...]

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Solar Energy Beats Nuclear

Solar energy emerges as a potential climate change solution to Nuclear In 2020, renewable energy sources generated a record ~21% of all the electricity generated in the United States. Only natural gas produced ~40% which is the only source that generated more electricity than renewables. Renewables surpassed both nuclear which generated ~20% and coal [...]

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Buy Solar with your Eyes Open | Solar 101

How to Buy Solar: Awareness Series Solar can significantly eliminate your monthly electric bill and reduce your carbon footprint. It also offers a safe and reliable investment by providing protection from rising electricity costs. 2021 is the perfect time to invest in solar energy with the multiple layers of government rebates and financial incentives [...]

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