How Solar Panels Perform in Winters?

Solar panels are one way to lock in long-term energy savings for many people in most places. While energy costs rise with inflation, locking in cheaper electricity seems a better deal, especially now that solar incentives have increased from the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. Solar panels are commonly associated with bright, sunny summer days. But believe us, they work [...]

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The process of going solar can seem complex, so you all want to hire the right professionals to make it easier. So how do you choose a qualified, certified, and experienced professional solar installer who uses high-quality solar products? The quick answer is by researching and interviewing multiple installers. Here are some of the most [...]

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4 Compelling reasons to Go Solar Right Now!

Why people should go solar? The reasons to go solar are plentiful and right now it is booming in the USA. This is due to the low cost of solar, new technology, and environmental benefits. However, the foremost reason people go solar is due to them saving money on their energy costs. We have come [...]

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With global energy prices trending upwards, Penn State’s solar energy purchasing agreement now nearing the completion of its second year has saved the University more money than expected. It also contributes to greenhouse gas reductions and University research efforts. In October 2020, Penn State began purchasing 100% of the renewable energy generated at three solar [...]

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Batteries Made from Crab Shells

As the world increasingly turns to renewable energy sources and electric vehicles, the demand for batteries is skyrocketing. However, the batteries used today are not always sustainable. For example, polypropylene and polycarbonate separators, which are widely used in Lithium-ion batteries, take hundreds or thousands of years to degrade and add to environmental burden. On the [...]

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Solar power now accounts for almost a third of global renewable energy capacity, according to International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). From rooftops to carports, from ground-mount to several water bodies, an increasing array of innovative sites are being used to build solar power facilities. It’s estimated that Germany alone could house around 20 gigawatts of [...]

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Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 : A Crucial step in Transition to Clean Energy

In a significant development, President Biden signed the ‘Inflation Reduction Act 2022’ into law. The Act was designed to reduce the deficit and lower inflation while investing in domestic energy production and lowering healthcare drug costs. The Inflation Reduction Act lowers prescription drug costs, health care costs, and energy costs. It is the most aggressive [...]

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Solar Parking Lots Are a Win-Win Solution

Carports and parking lots have long been underutilized assets. Property owners now have the opportunity to provide a better carport and parking lot service as well as generate electricity that may be used or sold. Solar panels, tall enough to park an RV underneath, stand on steel trusses above the lot, providing a bit [...]

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Ukraine Powering Forward with Solar

In 2022, Ukraine ranked among the world's top 20 countries with the largest solar energy fleet, with a total installed capacity of 7.7 GW. Large ground-mounted solar power plants took a large share with 6.2 GW of installed capacity, while installations on commercial and residential buildings reached 1.5 GW. The war in Ukraine and its [...]

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Biodiversity & Solar Parks

Solar Parks have the potential to mitigate climate change but relatively little is known of the implications of the required land-use change. It is invisible but we are facing a biodiversity crisis. Britain, for example, has lost more of its biodiversity than almost anywhere else in western Europe and is among the most nature-depleted [...]

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