Staten Solar designs and builds system for ground mounts, rooftops, and carports.
Our engineers and construction crews never give up, no matter how tough, or unusual the physical constraints are. From odd roofing materials to convoluted topography to wet environments, there is no challenge the Staten team cannot overcome.

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Sandipan Bhanot
Chairman and Managing Director

Thomas Gay
Chief Financial Officer

Napoleon Leoni
Director of Construction

George Mageria
Director of Business Development, Africa Projects

Narendra Nath Batabyal
VP Corporate Affairs



Staten people form a high-performance team
Devoted to excellent execution
Exemplary customer service
And to creating a workplace they enjoy
Traits they all seem to share:

  • Good Judgment
  • Efficient
  • Candid
  • Selflessness
  • Respectful of teammates
  • Sound Character


Staten attracts gifted people from everywhere in the world, regardless of skin tone, gender, age, orientation, or religion. A true melting pot for solar troopers.

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