On September 9, 2021, The Vermont Public Power Supply Authority (VPPSA) and Encore Renewable Energy announced the commissioning of a new 2.1MW community solar project. Noteworthy fact is that the solar plant is constructed on an underutilized brownfield site in Morrisville, Vermont, which was previously used as an auto salvage yard. The site/junk yard which was home for broken door panels, tires and rims, is now home of multiple arrays of splendid blue color solar panels.

The solar plant is expected to produce approximately 3,200,000 kilowatt hours per year, enough to power approximately 375 homes annually. The project was developed as part of a partnership between Encore Renewable Energy and the VPPSA to develop, finance, and construct approximately 10 MW of solar capacity on behalf of VPPSA’s municipal utility members.

Under the partnership, Encore performs all design, development, financing, and construction of solar projects. VPPSA manages the resulting electric generation and maximizes its value for its member utilities’ communities. The project is a third in a row and a second Standard Offer project under the VPPSA and Encore Renewable Energy public-private partnership. Vermont electric utilities that are not already 100% renewable will use all the units generated by this salvage yard solar plant.

The ground beneath the solar array is being planted with pollinator-friendly ground cover to support vital habitat for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, moths, and other insects critical to future food security. In addition, pollinator friendly ground cover increases carbon sequestration, improves soil quality, reduces stormwater runoff, and channels storm water back into underlying aquifers, while addressing the social importance of supporting healthy food systems.

On a totally differently other note, let’s talk about how solar can help you.  Businesses usually choose commercial solar systems to reduce their electricity expenses. But do you know this decision also brings a marketing benefit for the business?

Believe us, clean energy improves brand image, and a company that makes ample use of renewable energy such solar power is viewed as corporate citizen with environmental conscience. In California, peoples have a very positive perception of solar power, since it provides an alternative to the expensive and unreliable electricity offered by energy retailers. Information travels fast in the modern world. A company that decided to procure 100% of its electricity from only renewable energy sources draws positive attention from the media.

Solar power systems are characterised by operating with zero greenhouse gas emissions. Large commercial and industrial buildings consume significant amounts of electricity each year, and the emissions avoided with solar power are considerable. The following is a very simplified example, but it illustrates the concept:

  • Assume a commercial building is using 100,000 kWh each month, and 100% of this electricity is purchased from the local grid.
  • If the regional power system produces 0.80 kg of CO2 for every kilowatt-hour, the corresponding emissions for this user add up to 80,000 kg per month.
  • The company deploys solar power through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)*, and the average monthly generation is 25,000 kWh.
  • As a result, the monthly emissions of this company are reduced by 20,000 kg per month, equivalent to 240,000 kg per year.

After using solar power for one year, this company will have kept 240 tonnes of CO2 away from the atmosphere, while reducing its electricity expenses. The company can publish a press release about the solar power project, as a strategy to improve corporate image.

Solar panels are also highly visible, especially when installed on the rooftop of a large commercial or industrial building. Once the photovoltaic array is installed and operational, the public can tell that the company is using clean energy.


When commercial and industrial energy consumers show their keenness towards clean energy resources their brand image can be positively affected. The use of solar power and other clean energy sources not only delivers savings, but also a boost for their corporate image. By going green, companies are also more likely to establish lucrative business relationships with other firms who share the same values.

It is not hidden secret that companies across all sectors are deploying renewable sources and energy storage, simply because they offer an economic alternative to purchasing electricity from the local network. Who is stopping from you and your business from doing the same? Request a call back at +1 844-4-STATEN or simply fill this short form here.