IRR Calculator

The following calculator computes the pre-tax Project and Equity IRRs for investments into the solar projects. It makes relevant assumptions regarding policy, system degradation and O&M expenses. Simply fill in your expected total project cost, expected total energy generation during the first year, debt assumptions and the expected FIT to see your IRRs and Debt Service Coverage Ratios (DSCR).

For a more detailed analysis, generation estimation or debt-related discussions, please Contact us.

Please replace the numbers entered below with your estimated numbers and press the calculate button to compute IRR.

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Step 2: Estimate your project cost

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Debt Percentage (0-100): %
Debt Term (1-20): Years
Debt Interest Rate (0-20): % per annum
PPA Term: Years
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Feed In Tariff:

Rupees per KWhr
Advanced parameters
Annual O&M and other expenses per Watt:
Annual Expense Escalation: %
Annual System Output Degradation: %
Project IRR: %
Equity IRR: %

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