Cox Communications has recently installed a solar and battery storage system at its corporate office in San Diego, California. With the help of a newly installed energy system, the company will not only reduce its utility bills but will also improve sustainability at the Federal Blvd site.

The solar photovoltaics and battery energy system, designed and commissioned by PowerFlex, is the first solar plus storage project in the country for Cox Communications. The entire project is not just solar on the roof of the company and battery, whereas it is a combination of three. Yes, the newly installed project consists of a carport, roof-top solar, and onsite battery storage.

The team of triplets is projected to offset nearly 370 tons of carbon each year. This system will be contributing to the more than 657,000 tons of CO2 already offset by Cox Conserves and Cox Enterprise’s national sustainability program, since 2007.

Here is an interesting thing about the Cox Conserve Sustainability program; Cox Enterprises, under this program, launched a nationwide employee solar program in 2014.  The ultimate goal of that program is to support the employees in form of some incentive, who choose to install solar panel systems on their homes.

Cox Communications employee solar program was initially piloted in California through a partnership with SolarCity (Tesla). Employees who qualify and sign up for the program receive up to $500 in incentives straight from Cox Enterprises. Furthermore, the employee receives an additional $500 discount from SolarCity, an exclusive offer for Cox employees.

Such programs are not only good for the environment; they are good for the bottom line.

“Whether you are a corporation or an individual, everyone can do something to help preserve our environment. We really wanted to encourage our employees to be eco-friendly,” said Cox Enterprises Chairman Jim Kennedy.

“I was impressed with Cox’s system at their federal campus and inspired by the companywide commitment to sustainability,” said Councilmember Montgomery Steppe, who along with another councilmember came for a tour of the new conservation system at Cox Communication’s Corporate Office.

“Cox Communications’ new energy system installation is a perfect example of the transition to our clean energy future. I look forward to seeing more of these systems installed with the roll-out of San Diego Community Power,” added Councilmember Elo-Rivera.

“Sustainability and driving positive environmental change are core to the way Cox does business. We’re excited our largest California facility is spearheading the use of solar power and battery storage to reduce our carbon footprint in the region,” said Attisha.  “This solar project will generate almost 20% of the building energy usage and move us closer to our company’s sustainability goals which include becoming carbon neutral by 2034.”

Solar reduces electricity bills by substantially decreasing energy consumption. On the other hand, battery storage turns the solar generation into the evening on-peak period of expensive power thereby lowering utility demand charges.

Further, adding storage gives you a sense of self-reliance and energy independence. Also, at the time of natural calamity solar + energy storage system keeps your equipment running. With these and few other factors, it makes even more sense why people and organizations want solar + storage.

An Energy Management System is also clubbed with the integrated solar and battery energy storage system, which will perfectly orchestrate all components of the system for prime results.

Cox has long been committed to renewables, as this project is just one of more than 40 on-site solar generation projects Cox implemented across the country. In addition to the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2034, Cox also aims to be water neutral by 2034 and achieve its zero waste to landfill goal by 2024. So far, Cox has invested nearly $140 million in more than 400 projects to get there.

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