How Solar Energy is transforming isolated Amazon Communities

Thursday, February 9th, 2023 | Credits: Mongabay| Brazil's Amazon region is a major energy producer in the country. Hydropower plants in the Amazon produce 26 percent of Brazil’s energy, yet hundreds of thousands of families still lack access to electricity and are forced to rely on costly diesel generators. The adoption of renewable energy sources, [...]

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KFC unveils Solar-Powered Drive-Thru in California

KFC, the popular fast food chain, has recently debuted a new solar drive-thru canopy at a location in California. This innovative new feature is not only environmentally friendly but also helps to reduce energy costs for the restaurant. This new solar drive-thru canopy is just the latest in a series of environmentally friendly initiatives that [...]

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NEM 3.0, Approved – lock-in NEM2.0 before April 15

Big changes are coming to California solar credits. The new net energy metering rate, NEM 3.0, goes into effect on April 15, 2023, and will slash current solar credits from public utility companies, but there’s still time to be grandfathered into the NEM 2.0. How? Let’s Dive in for details
 Background: Currently, 1.5 million consumers [...]

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An Underappreciated Tool for Surviving Extreme Weather

Hurricane Ian was a near-category five storm when it made landfall in the Naples/Fort Meyers area of Florida’s gulf coast. It caused mass destruction to Southwest Florida, taking dozens of lives and leaving millions without power. Apart from that, every now and then, we hear new stories of natural disasters and their horrific effects across the [...]

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A fleet of electric-powered school buses in El Cajon can send electricity back to California's grid, thanks to first-of-its-kind technology developed by a local company and a partnership with San Diego Gas & Electric. The concept is called “vehicle to grid,” making the buses multi-task as energy storage. Nicknamed V2G for short, the bi-directional technology [...]

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One kilowatt is about what it takes to heat up some leftovers in a microwave — or to power the largest and most technically advanced telescope ever built. Thanks to its solar array, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope will stay energy-efficient more than 1 million miles (1.5 million kilometers) from Earth. American engineers at [...]

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California has been a pioneer in pushing for rooftop solar power, building up the largest solar market in the U.S. Beginning in 2006, the state, focused on how to incentivize people to accept solar power, showered subsidies on homeowners who installed photovoltaic panels but had no comprehensive plan to dispose of them. Now, panels purchased [...]

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Sustainability at McCain

McCain Foods is renowned as the world’s largest French Fries processor. Founded in 1957 in Canada, McCain took the world by storm, quickly becoming a much-loved brand in the Canadian marketplace. It wasn’t long before it became the world’s most loving brand for great-tasting food. This can be ascertained by the fact that it has [...]

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Healdsburg Floating Solar Project

  ||Building Better Bay Area || Perched along the Russian River, the town of Healdsburg is best known for its excellent wine and weekend getaways. But these days, the sun does more than just ripen the grapes. It produces energy in an unusual setting. Healdsburg has now become home to United States’ largest floating solar [...]

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After six power plants went down unexpectedly Last Friday — and with hot weather expected across Texas— the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) on Friday evening was seen asking consumers to conserve electricity through Sunday. The sudden drop in electricity supply rattled the system through the weekend.   However, luckily there wasn't any major [...]

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