Getting a Solar PV System for a home or a business is a big financial constraint. Any action you take plays a very big role in how much your system will cost and how much money you will save over its lifetime.  You can buy a system, lease it or get it financed through a bank. Going solar is the best option available in the current market if you want to save on your utility bills.

Cash: Directly purchase it from the vendor. If possible, you will reap maximum financial savings from going solar. You own the Solar PV System outright. You use it, you maintain it.

Lease: Took it on lease from an authorized vendor or an affiliated company. Don’t own the system and pay some monthly fees for using the system. One of the most expensive ways to acquire a PV system.

Solar PPA: Stands for Solar Power Purchase Agreement. Again, you don’t own the system, but you purchase all the generated electricity from the installer at a cheaper rate than your utility company.

Saving money is the most common reason why our customers decide to go solar. Cash is king. For many of us, holding on to cash is an important goal. On the other hand, not every homeowner who considers installing solar panels has the cash in hand to pay for them outfront. Even you have the cash, it is wise to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using hard-earned cash to pay for solar panels when there are so many viable loan options available today.

Cash v/s Financing

Solar financing has many advantages if you remove non-economic preferences about borrowing money in general. Let us tell you how:

  • Your EMIs are just a continuation of paying for your usual energy bill by each month as you use it. Simply put: You are taking your electric bill payment and shifting it to the bank.
  • Obtain benefits of inflation in repaying the loan with devalued dollars as the loan proceeds
  • Suppose you sell your house during the tenure of the loan, add extra value of the PV system in the price of a home. The loan will be paid off by the sale proceeds.
  • How wise is it to tie a substantial piece of your wealth to your Solar PV System. Invest them wisely and can get a much higher return.

As a permanent improvement to your house, solar is a natural fit for a home-improvement loan. Unlike some home-related financing, you won’t need to provide your home title. Secondly, it would reduce interest, but it undoes the main financial benefit of buying a house: leverage. Consider you are buying a house for $500,000 by putting $100,000 down and borrowing the rest. Hence you are investing $100,000 “on margin” on a $500,000 asset. Luckily within 5-6 months property rates increased by 10%, that’s 10% of the full value of the asset ($500,000) so the appreciation ($50,000) is 50% of your $100,000 investment – a very high rate of return.

However, going solar by paying cash, quickly realizes the financial benefits. It provides the shortest payback period on your solar power system, generally between 5 and 8 years.

Regardless of which payment option you choose for your solar power system, it’s better than paying your monopoly utility for as long as you live. We empower our clients to go solar in the manner that best suits them. With some of the most innovative solar financing available today, let us show you how to save more with solar from day one.

From start to finish, you will witness the difference. Power your home or business with suitable purchasing options from Staten Solar. Contact us today for a complimentary solar analysis.


“Staten is looking to finance and build C&I solar projects in California for customers with good credit. Project size has to be 500KW minimum – no upper limit. Our fund is populated and ready to make investments – we don’t need to raise additional debt or tax equity. Developers as well as hosts are welcome to get in touch with us via private email at”