Staten Solar has one of the most experienced and well connected deal making teams

  • Proven skills with investing in SPVs, demergers, tax laws and capital stacks
  • All structures – premium, risk-sharing, PPA, leasing, royalty
  • Multiple deals concluded up to multiple MW, with international financiers and local US groups (good fit for 100-500 kW PPA’s)


A Silicon Valley based company of well-connected executives with access to one-off funding.

Staten’s funding depth was acquired across multiple deals for clients in different verticals- office buildings, plants, hospitality, agriculture, health care and nonprofits (government, schools, and faith based).
Skills developed investing in SPV’s, demergers and capital stacks –across all structures: premium, risk-sharing, PPA, leasing or royalty.
Staten will also fund its own PPA’s and is actively seeking shovel ready projects with at least 8 months COD.


Staten’s financial skills and access to funding adds value that can be monetized by its clients.

Well crafted financial strategies

Appropriate financial design is part of the quality of the overall design. Staten will assist customers in identifying the best course, the best loans, the best funding. And help manage the funding process.

Custom PPA’s

Staten has access to international funding for PPA’s, and can provide competitive rates; alternatively, Staten will fund its own PPA for its clients.