Staten specializes in custom design, financing, and PV installations for offices, plants, and commercial properties, leased or owned.
Staten Solar works with F500’s, retail chains, REIT’s, property management firms and energy consultants. Its business model yields savings important enough to manage the split incentive trap so all parties harvest real financial gain.



A company with a track record activating dormant assets.

Staten’s ability to incentivize all parties in its solar deals addresses the split incentive hurdle by increasing NOI for the property owner, and savings for the tenant.

Staten’s funding skills and creative thinking succeed in situations that confound other PV EPC’s.


Staten is a consistent factor in commercial property appreciation

Installation Range

Staten engineers and crews work with a wide range of module technology, from thin film to typical monocrystalline, on all different types of substrates, including metal and membrane roofs.

Domestic and international funding

Staten is in the enviable position to have gained access to investors across borders, and to be able to finance its own PPA’s. Staten costs and terms translate into compelling proposals.