EPC. Engineering, Procurement and Construction

The heart of Staten’s value-
Six mission critical functions, each performed by separate staff, by or under the supervision of experienced engineers:

Technology: Selection of equipment

Engineering: Civil, mechanical, electrical design in compliance with local regulations
Procurement: All local foreign sourcing, custom and clearances
Construction: Civil and Mechanical works
Installation: All equipment, mechanical, electric and electronic, connection. Dedicated project management and expert supervision
Testing and Commissioning services



Staten is an international EPC devoted to Excellence

Combining a site’s raw kWh data and current rate schedule with rich survey information, Staten engineers find the most efficient combination of top tier equipment to design the plant that will maximize savings (civil, mechanical and electrical).
Modeling includes tax incentives and subsidies for local, state and federal programs, and accounts for each piece of hardware’s performance profile.


Staten’s engineering is an industry benchmark

Intelligent site utilization

Staten engineers recommend the most appropriate system for any given property, even if that location was not under consideration at first. Not because Staten can afford to, but because the company feels it cannot afford not to.

Procurement Agnosticism

Staten maintains privileged relations with key equipment manufacturers, and distributors, but has access to hundreds of sources for any hardware; and at times, calls for exotic solutions when a complex situation requires creative thinking.