Storage is the future. It is a fast developing technology, and the focus of most R&D investments in the sector.



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Many utilities impose demand charges on their commercial customers. These are driven by single peaks of consumption and can represent over 40% of a monthly bill.
A well designed and integrated PV/storage system can eliminate most of that.
There are a few critical points to take into account before adding storage to a system:
1) Currently, shaving off demand charges by shifting load to batteries is the main reason for moving forward; the technology and pricing are not yet aligned for backup to be cost effective,
2) Sizing calculations are complex and must be accurate to achieve maximum savings.

Staten engineering partners with leading edge battery manufacturers and storage service providers to provide its customers the most reliable storage solutions.


Staten systems are perfectly sized

Battery technology

Lithium Ion is the current leading technology, driven by EV’s, but not the best for commercial storage application. More robust batteries, paired with better software are available. Staten guides its customers toward the best decision.

Load shifting

The primary use of storage today is to reduce electricity charges by the utilities. In fact, it is possible to design a system with fewer modules, paired with the right sized battery, to achieve greater savings than with a maxed out system.