Project Development

  • Property diagnostic of usable land and/or roof surfaces
  • Wind conditions study and Irradiance data
  • Electrical evaluation
  • Energy yield study
  • Grid connection diagnostic
  • Technical diagnostic + anchoring diagnostic

Completed and reviewed before submitted to the engineering staff to yield a quotation with production statement and savings

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EPC. Engineering, Procurement and Construction

The heart of Staten’s value-
Six mission critical functions, each performed by separate staff, by or under the supervision of experienced engineers:

Technology: Selection of equipment

Engineering: Civil, mechanical, electrical design in compliance with local regulations
Procurement: All local foreign sourcing, custom and clearances
Construction: Civil and Mechanical works
Installation: All equipment, mechanical, electric and electronic, connection. Dedicated project management and expert supervision
Testing and Commissioning services

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Staten Solar has one of the most experienced and well connected deal making teams. If you are looking for equity investors for your project or considering selling your project, please contact us.

  • Acquire PPA: We are actively looking for shovel ready projects with at least 8 months to COD.
  • Loan: We help find financing and manage the funding process, during the EPC.
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New Solutions

We are among the first to evaluate new viable strategies.

  • Floating Systems from 5 kW to 15 MW
  • Vertical systems, Designer properties and wind screens
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If your consumption graph shows high peaks, you may incur a demand charge based on the height of the peaks. The fee varies depending on how much electricity you use during peak hours and on the total amount of electricity you use in a month.
Not all utilities impose demand charges, if yours does, it can be 20 to 50% of your total consumption and batteries will help eliminate that portion of your bill.
Batteries also help businesses and nonprofits maintain mission critical operations when the grid fails.
Staten Solar partners with innovative and reliable players in the storage space.

Do you need to lower your demand charges?