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India is on a solar tear. Even after a possible slow down in 2018, it will outpace the US in total growth. India’s central government’s push into solar power will place it ahead of Japan in total capacity. Its goal is to build at more than twice the rate of the US and Japan combined. [...]

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From the Trenches

Staten is expanding. Two warehouses are now operational in northern California that will store up to 400kW worth of modules and equipment. It may seem odd to share excitement about adding warehouses, but in this industry, in this market, where the news of tariffs woes, entropy and failed solar companies gone bankrupt are part of [...]

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Climate Changers

Mountain View The path to a renewable economy is paved with local acts of progress… Building codes rule; they cannot be ignored, they cannot be misinterpreted. Yet, technology develops faster than regulations. Codes lag; and often Building Department heads can’t take the time to sit down and evaluate new strategies. Engineers, architects, clients are frustrated, [...]

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