Two significant news broke last week carrying intrinsic messages of hope:

Tuesday, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commissions (FERC) revealed that 95% of all the new electrical plants built in the first quarter of 2018 were powered by renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass, hydro, geothermal).

As far as building new plants to generate electricity, coal is over, nuclear is flat lined and oil is finished. The FERC data show that the dominance of renewable energy will continue at least through 2021 as the proposed new net generating capacity by renewables represent 71% of the total on the books…..


Confirming the transition into renewables, investors continued to favor wind and solar which made up 98% of the renewable plants built.

“The recent past and foreseeable future in the power industry are all about this shift in the direction of renewable energy sources.”


In related news, Friday Staten Solar announced it was celebrating its 10th birthday and joining the thinner ranks of US solar companies counting their age in double digits.

Its headquarters staff was caught feeding its addiction to sweets at a well-known restaurant in the heart of Silicon Valley,

While sugar highs may or may not have been involved in questionable decisions made by some team members to document their enthusiasm for their brand…

…the industry is on the right track and attracting both serious investors and gifted minds.