Staten is expanding.
Two warehouses are now operational in northern California that will store up to 400kW worth of modules and equipment.
It may seem odd to share excitement about adding warehouses, but in this industry, in this market, where the news of tariffs woes, entropy and failed solar companies gone bankrupt are part of the fare, a bit of joy and signs of health are worth celebrating.
The Terra Bella warehouse, Bakersfield, just got a three thousand sq ft pad, and is now fully operational. It is the main warehouse, and is managed by Army veteran Brian Reynolds. It can hold up to 300 kW of modules, which may not be enough to meet the demand building in the pipeline…

And that is why another just came online in Milpitas close to our head office. It will be the staging hub for the area, and holds up to 100 kW of modules.
Staten is enjoying its best year ever, reaching new markets, new industry verticals, and strengthening its portfolio. Soon to report here, full O&M capability in Northern and Central California.

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