Three little letters that trigger the time to celebrate…

The process to solarize any property, regardless of size, from warehouse rooftop to solar farm, follows set milestones along highly customized paths that vary from one project to the next.

The path is seldom flat and never entirely smooth. From the moment a project becomes a serious consideration engineers, financial analysts, procurement managers, sales people work together to move it to base camp.

Once contracts are signed, financing strategies defined, project managers take over and are the ones who run up the mountain to find the best path between building departments, utility companies, client representatives, agencies, and a multitude of rocks, boulders, streams, water falls, and crevasses to reach PTO. Permission to Operate.

The final document from the utility company officially recognizing that the system was properly designed, correctly built, fully permitted and all relevant jurisdictions notified, says the system is ready to be turned on.

It takes special skills and talent to make those runs. Staten is lucky to attract solar Sherpa’s who know their way up and down mountains and who have the stamina to make it look easy.

For the 10 months stretch ending mid-June, Staten Sherpa’s will have completed enough runs to turn on 17 solar systems for commercial clients in California and in India.

PTO’s are innocuous pieces of bureaucratic paper that demonstrate a company’s pride in work well done. 2018 is shaping up to be Staten’s best year for PTO’s.



From Palo Alto to New Delhi, reason to celebrate.

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