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Solar Power Investment Surpasses Oil and Biden Vetoes to Solar Tariffs

Investment in Solar Power Outpaces Oil Exploration says IEA According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), solar power investment is projected to exceed investment in oil exploration and extraction for the first time ever. The IEA estimates that solar power investment will reach $380 billion in 2023, while investments in oil exploration and extraction are [...]

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Solar Panels can still Increase Home Values : Even After NEM 3.0

Solar panels are not only a sustainable energy source, but also a smart investment that can increase your home's value. Homes with solar installations sell for 4.1% more than those without them, and houses with solar are 24.7% more likely to sell for more than their asking price, according to a report from Zillow and [...]

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California Enters ‘Uncharted Territory’

The recent amendments made to net metering in California are causing a major setback to the solar industry in the state. Net-metering, which has been instrumental in driving the growth of rooftop solar in California, rewards households with solar systems for excess energy they send back to the grid. “The NEM-driven market has become California’s [...]

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Solar for All New Parking Lots and Highways

A Look at Recent Bills in Rhode Island and California A recent bill proposed in Rhode Island called the Solar Neighborhoods Act suggests that all newly constructed buildings and parking lots over 16,000 square feet should have solar panels.   Likewise in California, Senate Bill 49 has been introduced to support tax credits for solar canopies [...]

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How the Netherlands Became Europe’s Solar Power Leader?

The Netherlands has become Europe's per-capita solar powerhouse, with an average of two solar panels per inhabitant and an installed capacity of more than 1 kilowatt per person. The country has more than 48 million solar panels installed, and it continues to find innovative places to put new renewable energy capacity. Solar developers and analysts [...]

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California’s New Energy Regulation threatens Solar Rooftop’s Future

As the world continues to evolve, so does the demand for renewable energy sources. One of the most popular ways to generate clean energy is through rooftop solar. Rooftop solar is considered an important part of the evolution of our grid. It requires less transmission buildout than traditional, centralized power generation. It is more resilient [...]

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How Solar Energy is transforming isolated Amazon Communities

Thursday, February 9th, 2023 | Credits: Mongabay| Brazil's Amazon region is a major energy producer in the country. Hydropower plants in the Amazon produce 26 percent of Brazil’s energy, yet hundreds of thousands of families still lack access to electricity and are forced to rely on costly diesel generators. The adoption of renewable energy sources, [...]

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Go Solar Now before it’s too late

California residents have been making the switch to solar power for years, taking advantage of the state's abundant sun and generous incentives. However, the game is changing, and time is running out for those who have yet to make the switch. With the recent announcement of NEM 3.0 and rising utility rates, it's more important [...]

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KFC unveils Solar-Powered Drive-Thru in California

KFC, the popular fast food chain, has recently debuted a new solar drive-thru canopy at a location in California. This innovative new feature is not only environmentally friendly but also helps to reduce energy costs for the restaurant. This new solar drive-thru canopy is just the latest in a series of environmentally friendly initiatives that [...]

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How Solar Panels Perform in Winters?

Solar panels are one way to lock in long-term energy savings for many people in most places. While energy costs rise with inflation, locking in cheaper electricity seems a better deal, especially now that solar incentives have increased from the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. Solar panels are commonly associated with bright, sunny summer days. But believe us, they work [...]

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