California has long been a leader in solar energy. However, with recent changes to net metering (NEM 3.0), the state is pushing the boundaries of clean energy innovation once again. While NEM 3.0 adjusts how you earn credit for excess solar energy, there’s a solution that unlocks the full potential of solar power for businesses: battery storage.

Here’s why solar panels and batteries are a dream team for your business:

  • Maximize Savings: NEM 3.0 might impact your solar earnings, but batteries store that extra power for use during peak hours ‚Äď when electricity costs are highest. This can significantly slash your energy bill, boosting your bottom line.
  • Energy Independence: Solar and batteries give you greater control over your energy use. Reduce reliance on the grid by using your own clean power whenever you want, leading to long-term cost savings and increased energy security.
  • Resilient Backup Power: Power outages can disrupt operations and cost your business dearly. Batteries provide reliable backup power, keeping your lights on, equipment running, and productivity flowing during unexpected disruptions.
  • Champion Sustainability: By storing solar energy, you’re reducing your dependence on fossil fuels and creating a cleaner, more sustainable future. This not only benefits the environment but can also enhance your company’s reputation as a leader in sustainability.

Making Solar + Battery Affordable for Businesses

The upfront cost of a solar + energy storage system might seem like a barrier, but advancements in technology are making them more accessible for businesses of all sizes.

  • Smarter Design: Industry experts like Staten Solar, can design a customized solar and battery system that optimizes your energy usage and maximizes benefits under NEM 3.0.
  • Modular Marvels: Today’s batteries are like building blocks ‚Äď you can design a system that perfectly fits your specific energy needs and budget.
  • Control at Your Fingertips: Monitor and manage your entire solar and battery system from a user-friendly app. Optimize energy use, maximize savings, and ensure peak performance.

Investing in a Brighter, More Resilient Future

Solar and battery storage aren’t just good for your business; they’re good for California’s energy grid. Here’s how:

  • Virtual Power Plants: Imagine thousands of commercial and industrial battery systems working together! This creates a virtual power plant that provides clean, reliable energy to the grid, reducing strain and preventing outages.
  • Farewell Fossil Fuels: The more businesses adopt solar and batteries, the less reliant we are on dirty fossil fuel power plants. This means cleaner air, a healthier planet, and a more sustainable future for California.

California is a leader in innovation, and solar-plus-storage is the next step in the state’s clean energy journey. Embrace the sunshine, take control of your energy costs, and invest in a brighter future for your business ‚Äď install solar panels and a battery system today!

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