If you’re a fan of thrilling rides, exciting roller coasters, and eco-friendly initiatives, you’re in for a treat! Six Flags Magic Mountain, the renowned Thrill Capital of the World, is breaking new ground, both literally and figuratively, with a groundbreaking project that combines entertainment and sustainability. Welcome to the world of “Entertainment Powered by Solar Power”

In an exciting partnership with Solar Optimum and DSD Renewables, Six Flags Magic Mountain has embarked on a journey to create California’s largest solar energy project. The project includes a massive 12.37-megawatt solar carport and energy storage system, making it the largest single-site commercial renewable energy project in California and the most substantial solar project dedicated to a for-profit organization in the United States.

Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Interim Park President, Jeff Harris, expressed their enthusiasm for this monumental project, saying, “We’re thrilled to be breaking ground on this monumental project and taking the next step towards a cleaner, greener future.” This initiative is not only about entertaining visitors but also about leading the way in environmental responsibility within the theme park industry.

Key components of this innovative solar installation at Six Flags Magic Mountain are:

Massive Solar Carport: The park will feature a 637,000 square foot, 12.37-megawatt solar carport built over the main guest parking lot and team member parking lot, providing shade and clean energy.

Energy Independence: With this solar installation, the park aims to offset 100% of its energy usage with solar power, reducing its carbon footprint significantly.

Electric Vehicle Charging: Approximately 30 electric vehicle charging spaces in the guest parking lot will encourage sustainable transportation.

Added Shade and Security: The solar carport not only generates clean energy but also offers shade for cars, making the experience more comfortable for guests and team members. Additionally, it enhances security systems.

Energy Storage: The project includes a battery storage system producing approximately 2 megawatts of power with up to 8-megawatt hours of capacity for daily use.

Significant Environmental Impact: The solar installation is expected to produce 20.8 million kilowatt hours of energy annually, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 2,874 homes. It will offset greenhouse gas emissions comparable to 34,194 barrels of oil consumed, 5,110 tons of waste recycled, and 17,612 acres of U.S. forests saved.

Reducing Carbon Footprint: The park’s commitment to sustainability will offset carbon dioxide equivalents each year comparable to taking 3,182 cars off the road, 37.8 million miles driven by an average gasoline-powered automobile, and 1.6 million gallons of gasoline consumed.

Long-Term Impact: Over a 25-year period, the project will produce 517.89 million kilowatt hours of energy, offsetting greenhouse gas energy consumption equivalent to 911 million miles driven by gasoline-powered automobiles and the carbon sequestration equivalent to 434.3 thousand acres of trees planted.

This groundbreaking project at Six Flags Magic Mountain is not an isolated endeavor. It’s part of the company’s broader commitment to environmental sustainability. Six Flags has a history of actively working to reduce its environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions. This project is a significant step in that direction, and it sets a remarkable example for other theme park companies worldwide.

This isn’t the first time Six Flags has ventured into the world of solar power. They’ve already installed over 30 megawatts of fully operational solar power systems at properties in Northern California at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and New Jersey at Six Flags Great Adventure. These three sites together will rank as the largest volume of onsite Solar PV systems for any U.S. organization, with a combined total of 42.37 megawatts.

“Solar canopies have always been an excellent use of otherwise underutilized space, and this site, with its wide open parking lots, provides the perfect canvas to build on.” says Danielle Fidel, Senior Director at DSD

Arno Aghamalian, CEO and Founder of Solar Optimum, also shared his excitement, stating, “The Six Flags Magic Mountain solar project stands as the largest of its kind in the nation, boasting an impressive area exceeding 637,000 square feet of shade structures.” This project is not only a remarkable achievement but also a testament to the dedication and collaboration of all those involved.

In conclusion, Six Flags Magic Mountain’s ambitious solar energy project is not only about providing entertainment but also about leading the way in environmental responsibility. By harnessing the power of the sun, they are not only enhancing the visitor experience but also significantly reducing their carbon footprint. This project sets a shining example of how the entertainment industry can contribute to a sustainable future. So, the next time you enjoy a thrilling ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain, you can do so with the knowledge that it’s powered by the sun, making it an even more thrilling experience for both you and the environment.