Solar panels have one job: Collect sunlight and convert it into electricity. But it is possible only till the sun is shining. Therefore, the ability to store solar energy for later use is much of a significant task. Coupling solar energy and storage technologies are one such case.

Technology advancement in batteries is also changing the game. Batteries that can store solar-produced electricity have gotten much more effective over the past decade. Costs for utility-scale batteries have dropped 70 per cent.

But why storage is becoming popular among the common citizens? 

The popularity of storage/batteries among the common citizens is at an all-time high due to various reasons. However, let us take a pause and think that why people go solar in the first place. Well, there are plenty of answers to it. From saving money on utility bills to resiliency, from energy independence to reducing their carbon footprints. Adding storage to your solar PV system further increase the degree of self-reliance and security from the unreliable grid.

Let us understand it through a live example:

Peak power usage mostly occurs in summer afternoons and evenings, as the temperatures are on top during these times of the day, and people who usually work daytime hours get home and start air conditioners to cool their homes, cook, and run appliances mostly by using electricity. Now, what happened is that this activity of ours increases an unpredictable load on our grid which result resulted in uninformed power cuts and in the worst-case becomes a complete blackout.

Apart from these, there are unpredictable natural calamities that show our dependence on the grid. Whether it is dry heat waves in California or a cold snap in Texas. Our grid is too fragile to bear such harsh natural conditions.

Don’t know why but every time we hear or talk about the words like ‘grid’ and ‘natural calamity’ the very incident which came to our mind was from Texas.

When the power went out on a Monday evening in February during the cold snap that devastated Texas. The night quickly fell, sinking the whole vicinity in Pearland into eerie, near-complete darkness—except one house. Its lights stayed on, thanks to a solar panel array and a set of batteries.

Solar PV Systems, coupled with a few batteries that can store the power collected on the roof, can keep a household’s lights on even when the rest of the grid goes down.

And the plus point is that they also started playing a significant role in supporting that bigger grid. When networked together and used correctly into a sort of “virtual power plant,” smoothing out the peaks and valleys of electricity demand in a way that could keep some kinds of blackouts from happening in the first place.

How can we also forget that we are one of the states with the highest electricity retails prices in the entire USA? 

With these factors and others, it makes even more sense why people want solar + storage. The result is consumers pushing solar installers like Staten to offer storage options.

The reasons consumers are choosing solar storage are truly varied, from wanting independence from high energy costs and demand shifting to generator replacement and energy independence. Whatever the reasons, wherever you’re located, one thing is clear: storage is quickly becoming a “must-have” for installers across the country.

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