Solar energy is a good thing for a whole lot of reasons. It is booming in the US, China, Japan, India and several others, but why the public, in general, is still sceptical about solar energy.

Well, today we will give you some reasons not to choose solar energy. Although the sceptics have a much larger list somehow is it circles around these questions:

  1. Solar is costly and is only for rich persons.
  2. Financial benefits from going solar seem too good to be true.
  3. CO2 produced during the manufacturing of Solar Panels.
  4. You do not have enough roof space for solar panels.

There is nothing bad is hearing one’s argument, what is not right, is not providing an opportunity of being heard. So, as you patiently heard the scepticism of solar energy, please also go through the arguments of solar advocates.

  • Solar is costly and is only for rich persons.

Solar panels are the alternative that will save you money. You can either purchase a solar energy system and see a payback typically of 5-7 years. Or you can get a loan or do a lease. With a loan or a lease, you don’t have to pay anything upfront and in exchange, your monthly payments for electricity used will be very less than paying your utility company.

In California, one of the states where solar leasing is available, about 75% of people who go solar now do so through a solar leasing agreement. I think that’s a testament to how attractive this option is for many people.

Further with the help of federal tax credits and product cost decreased more than 90% within a decade, solar energy is very well within the reach of common citizens.

  • Financial benefits from going solar seem too good to be true.

0$ down or no initial investment and thousands of dollars in savings on your electricity bill by going solar seems too good to be true. The major problem is not with benefits but with the duration, which makes it a bit difficult to believe. Simply put its massive savings are generally reaped in the long term. Let us understand it the other way. That family or business you have is going to expand anyway so is the price of electricity supplied by the utility. By going solar you not only eliminate your energy cost but also beat inflation in the price of electricity.

  • CO2 produced during the manufacturing of Solar Panels.

The bulk of solar panels are imported into the U.S., making them cheaper but not necessarily green. The problem is how the panels are made. Firstly, the fact is that it is not completely true. Panel makers are now trying to produce it via the use of renewable energy. Secondly, no one can deny that solar energy is one of the most effective solutions for controlling as well as reducing carbon footprints. As a major portion of the carbon is emitted during transportation and while producing electricity, by the change in our energy source and electrification of our transportation system, carbon emission can be controlled at a great level.

Solar panels are capable of generating power with zero emissions. The generated power can be used to feed our energy demand, perfectly replacing conventional energy needs with green energy. Every kilowatt of green energy can reduce our carbon footprint by 3,000 pounds annually. So, even a 5KW solar plant can save approximately 15,000 pounds of CO2 every year. These huge contributions in protecting our environment from global warming and related issues are more than whatever emission is still emitted in the production of solar panels.

  • You do not have enough roof space for solar panels.

Want to add renewable energy but don’t have a roof that can support a solar array? Don’t abandon the possibility of solar energy if your roof isn’t an option. Look to unused areas of your property instead.

Parking Canopies: An analysis from Yale University has found that more than one-third of the state’s electricity could come from solar-covered parking lots.

Ground Mount Solar: In lieu of a rooftop array, you can add PV panels to poles or ground racks. Each option uses the same panels as a roof array – the only difference is the racking system. However, these alternative options allow you to leverage panel orientation to increase output. Ground-mount systems are suited to properties with available lands, such as campuses or public and corporate buildings with sizeable grounds.

Although rooftop is one of the easiest and suitable places to install these alternative mounting systems offer expanded possibilities for renewable energy generation.

Why choose Staten Solar?

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