Going Solar? Go Local

As businesses grow and evolve, they try to find various solutions to save money. Being reliant on your power grid means you are subject to electric rate fluctuations. Sudden price increases add further uncertainty to your business.

Maybe it’s time to lessen  how businesses can benefit from solar panel installation. Going solar can be one solution that will help your business save on electricity bills. This way they are not only just cutting down on their utility costs, but also saving the environment. In addition, property value appreciation is another additional benefit.

Moule Paint & Glass, a Grass Valley glass and paint business switched to solar recently. A local solar installation company in the Grass Valley has turned on a 91-panel system on the top of the Moule Paint & Glass building. Down the line, the business will be better prepared to beat the utility price hike and tackle the unprecedented extreme weather.

Solar Power Benefits for Businesses

Deciding to convert your business to solar-powered is a major financial decision. You know that solar energy is a long-term investment that takes time for a decent return. Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Cuts overhead business costs.
  • Has future longevity.
  • Creates energy independence.
  • Offers excellent tax benefits.
  • An investment with continuous financial and environmental returns.

Jim Moule, Owner of Moule Paint & Glass says, “choosing a local solar installer, is a way to give back to the community”. “Any money you send out of town doesn’t come back. I wanted to pick someone down the street. It definitely helps the local economy and the City of Grass Valley,” he said.

Why You Should Work with a Local Solar Company

As solar is already popular throughout California, Californians have the choice of working with a larger, corporate installation company, or investing in the community with local solar installation businesses. We will outline the main benefits of establishing a relationship with a local solar installation company like Staten Solar.

1. No Middleman

Fewer communication hurdles to jump over. Often, the person who sold you the system is also the person who is there from the very first site visit, through the entire sales cycle, and the whole installation process. This also comes in handy if a system needs a tune-up or service.

2. Customized to Fit Your Home

For local solar installers, quality triumphs over quantity. Solar systems perform best when they are designed to match the criteria of a given site. Larger companies may sometimes compromise the small details to move more products.

3. It’s a Partnership, Not Just a Transaction

When opting for an installation with a local solar company, you are forming a partnership with your installer. Local solar installers are dependent on referrals for business growth, which means every solar installation is just as much an investment for the installer as it is for the person who is having the system installed. While many larger solar companies take a “set it and forget it” approach.

4. Invest in Your Community

Going with a local solar installer helps the greater community save money and fosters economic growth. Not only that, but local installers also typically use local workers for the labor work, so your dollars are further supporting your local community by providing good-paying job opportunities.

In many ways, Staten Solar offers affordable, realistic, and healthy solutions to issues stemming from climate change, a growing population, and energy instability. Staten Solar navigated many obstacles and continued to offer expertise and knowledge to several clients throughout the region – From Family Community Church in San Jose to Lake Tahoe Airport, from a packaging business in Silicon Valley to a Fintech company under Fortune 500 and many more.

Locally renowned and nationally recognized, Staten Solar is serving much of the Bay Area and neighboring communities since 2008. Staten Solar’s PPA and other financing options make solar power accessible even if you can’t afford any upfront installation or equipment costs. Unlike others, Staten Solar offers a no-obligation solar plant layout for your property. Order it here.