Congratulations! You’re considering installing solar panels for your home or business, you have made a great decision. But, probably wondering, “How do I choose the best solar installer?”

First things first, why look for the best solar installer?

The quality of work provided by a good solar contractor is the most important part of any installation. Only a good solar installer can ensure that equipment is installed correctly, properly oriented and tilted in such a way that can deliver maximum output from your system. Furthermore, a solar system is a 30+ year investment, and it is important to find a company that will stand behind their work and be around to honour any warranties.

Now, how to choose the ideal solar company? Finding a great company to install your solar panels can be intimidating. There are so many important factors that go into selecting the right solar company for your installation. Some of them are as follows:

1. Get in the right mindset

Where does one start, when one has no experience with solar? Hiring a solar installer is more work than finding a plumber to fix a leaky faucet, but less than remodeling your kitchen. So be prepared for a little legwork.

2. Choose a local brand with experience and longevity in business

When it comes to solar installers, homeowners can choose between a local or a national company. Working with a local company allows for a more personalized experience and better service while also supporting the local economy.

Prefer local companies that have been in business for a long time and have delivered considerably enough successful running projects. Not only can a local installer be more reliable than national installers, but one would also not have to jump through hoops to speak with a tech for any support.

Recent research by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Berkeley Lab suggests that more experienced contractors offer better pricing.

3. Choose an installer who provides maintenance

Most people assume that all solar installers also provide maintenance for PV panels. This is usually not the case.

Many solar installers do not provide any follow-up maintenance. Unfortunately, this leaves you without support if your system needs service in the years following installation. To avoid this, find a solar installer who also provides solar maintenance. This team will be a one-stop-shop for your rooftop solar panel system.

4. Choose Quality Products & Installation Techniques

The right solar products depend on the individual or family’s lifestyle, preferences, roof size, and desired investment strategy. Before choosing solar products, find out what you value and what your home needs.

Solar installation is an art wherein selecting right product is an important step. Luckily, professional installers like Staten Solar, are well versed in this craft and possess adequate experience to suggest its customers to choose the right product. Staten Solar is here to answer all your solar plant related questions.

5. Avoid Cheap Solar & Consider Financing Options

If you do not have money on hand for an installation, financing can make a big difference. An established solar company can help you explore sound financing options.

While this is not their main role, still they can advise you on different plans, guide you through the steps and make the process easier. It is pertinent to mention here that Staten Solar provides solar panels to is eligible customer for as little as 0 down.

6.Talk to people you trust

It is likely that you know someone who already has residential solar panels installed on their property. Ask them about the contractor they worked with and how they rate the experience. They also might be able to recommend a company perfect for your job.

7. Check their credentials

Some states require specialized solar installer licenses, while others will let a contractor install solar panels with an electrician’s license. In some states, a general contractor’s license is fine. There are even states where no license is required at all.

If a license is required, ask the company for their license number because many states, like California, allow you to verify licenses online. For example, our license number is 984910.

7. Cold Calling

Another way to vet any installer is to simply call them. Observe how they follow up with you, it will give you much of an idea about the quality of service you might receive later. Be ready with some ‘gotcha’ questions when the representative of the installer visits your premises.

Where to find installers to cold call?

After reaching out to your known contractors, next source is the Internet. Just Google it! But remember: Companies – and especially sales organizations – specialize in placing themselves high up the Google search results. You know SEO, Digital Marketing, and other things. You need to be smart.

Do not want to cold call?

There is another and much easier way to get quotes for your solar project. Fill a simple form on 2 or 3 solar companies website. Rest assured, they will follow up. Again, be cautious of high pitch sales tactics. Contact Staten Solar by filling this simple form.

Choose Staten Solar

When you pick a solar installer for your project, you want to know that you are choosing honest professionals who meet all regulatory requirements and demonstrate real industry expertise. Here at Staten Solar, systems are designed, engineered, and stamped by our in-house electrical engineer.

Qualified & trained electricians then install the systems. Staten offers ongoing maintenance and service options throughout the lifespan of your system. If you would like to request a free solar consultation, contact our friendly experts today.