As a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty buses in the US, GILLIG LLC helps transit authorities across the nation to meet their sustainability goals with heavy-duty alternative fuel vehicles. Now, the company intends to reduce its own carbon footprint. Installing solar and battery systems to its headquarters and assembly plant is the next major milestone, company is going to achieve later this year.

GILLIG is known for its low operation and maintenance cost buses that is designed and built locally by dedicated Americans in Livermore, CA. In 2017, the company relocated to a custom-designed, 600,000 square-foot facility, just to be highly energy efficient. High-efficiency lighting, 100% recycled water for ground watering, EV charging stations for employees are some of the means the company uses to implement energy conversation.

GILLIG has planned to install a 3MW rooftop Solar PV System with integrated battery storage. The large-scale system is likely to be comprised of 7,800 panels and will represent one of the largest rooftop installations in manufacturing plants in the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

“The addition of solar power is the latest example of our sustainability efforts and demonstrates our focus on clean transit buses and energy-efficient manufacturing,” said Chris Turner, GILLIG Executive Vice President of Operations.

Conservation and efficiency are part of the company’s everyday operations. The energy produced by the system will be utilized in the manufacturing process of transit buses as well as in charging the electric buses. Whereas the batteries charged by the Solar Panels and will provide backup to reduce electrical demand spikes and their associated charges.

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