Thanks to the advancement in tech and the advent of high-speed internet connections, we now have easy access to a raft of information about the buildings we live in. There is software and hardware appliances, from indoor air quality monitors to smart doorbells which provide us with visual, real-time notifications when someone is attempting to access our property.

Residential solar is also starting to gain traction as a good amount of people began installing solar panels in the hope of reducing bills and their environmental footprint. According to some recent reports from Solar Energy Industries Association and Wood Mackenzie, the residential solar market installed 738 megawatts of capacity in the third quarter of 2020 that is 14% higher than second quarter.

Installation of solar panels and charging points for electric vehicles represent one way that sustainable tech can be integrated into homes. There are Smart meters that allow consumers to see how much energy they are using and money they are spending in real time.

Earlier this month, Sunpower launched an app which will enable homeowners to assess and manage their energy generation, usage, and battery storage settings with their mobile.

Wallbox, a company based in Spain, has recently announced that it is launching its first electric vehicle charger for North American homes. The system will be compatible with all types of electric vehicles and allow customers to schedule charges and could be voice-controlled through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Apart from private companies, governments are also making efforts to encourage the development of home charging infrastructure. To do this, there is a requirement of coordinated national program with a commitment to multi-year government investment.

If you are thinking of installing solar panels on your roof, it is important to note that they cannot store electricity. You need a battery system so that excess energy can be stored and power your home or electric car when the panels are not producing charge overnight.

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