Various private and as well as federal institutions are actively considering the installation of solar technologies to help reduce their dependency on pollution emitting fossil fuel. This is not only because they want to meet their set sustainability goals but also create a more robust and reliable source of energy for their day-to-day operations. Following the same path, now aviation authorities have also started identifying and adopting a similar approach of installation of solar energy technologies at airports and its airfields.

Considering the requirement of wide-open space with no shade or other obstructions blocking sunlight, large airport structures such as hangars, administration building, parking structures makes it a perfect platform to support solar array installation. Clay Lacy Aviation at Van Nuys Airport (VNY) and Aeroplex/Aerolease Group at Long Beach Airport (LGB) in California are two latest players continue this Solar Energy Trend.

Clay Lacy Aviation has recently completed installation of a 500-kW solar array covering approximately 30,000 square feet of roof space at Van Nuys Airport headquarters, hangar and maintenance facility. A 1242 panels of solar array will offset 530 metric tons of CO2, the equivalent of driving 1.3 million miles in an average fuel car while reducing the Van Nuys energy costs by 56% annually.

We are committed to operating sustainably and making significant progress toward a net-zero carbon footprint,” said Scott Cutshall, SVP Business Operations, Clay Lacy Aviation. “These improvements are the first of many to help us achieve our sustainability goals.

At Long Beach Airport, Aeroplex unveiled its largest solar energy project on the field, a grid of 945 panels spread over company’s 55,000 sq. ft. building rooftop will generate around 380kW of solar power.  In addition, The City of Long Beach also plans to build  large solar PV systems on the roofs of LGB parking structures.

Last Year, Staten Solar installed a 300kW Rooftop Solar PV System on three hangars at Lake Tahoe Airport. The PV system installed by the company is providing more than 90% of the necessary electricity of the airport. The solar panels are worth $600,000. The cost of the equipment to South Lake Tahoe however is nothing.


Witnessing the advancement in Solar technologies and storage option, PV plants have become economically more viable and environmentally desirable. Such considerable factors will certainly push their adoption at every level. This way, more solar-powered airports will come up to re-emphasize the significance of solar power.

Solar energy is the missing puzzle to our energy transition, and we must go all out to implement this energy solution all over the world. If solar energy can do this for an airport, imagine what it could do for your office premises or your home!

Solar installation is a hectic process, requires a lot of time, money, and effort. This must come to your mind. But don’t panic; from advising you to the right products to commissioning the system at your property, from providing the adequate financing option to offering project maintenance service, Staten Solar has your back. Furthermore, Staten offers both commercial and residential solar solutions, with great federal tax benefits and green savings!

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