It is horrifying when someone talks about blackouts, wildfires, forced power outages, or any other similar terms. Days like that of August 2020 almost gave us warning of a much difficult time ahead. But let us start with something good. Let us assume that California will survive the coming summer without any forced utility shut down or blackouts. Even then, there is a clear and long-term requirement of clean energy sources. Why? because demand is going to increase anyway and State has also committed towards 100% clean energy by 2045.

The problem is that our existing power grid is not capable to carry extra loads and hence need a massive upgrade. The distribution lines, transformers, and most of the other grid equipment need replacement so that they can support those peak loads. By not seeing any urgency in the above issue, the state is steadily sowing the seeds for the next crisis in the coming years.

Despite being in desperate need, permitting and building new power lines is a costly and time-consuming process that can take as long as a decade.

Now state officials are scrambling to avoid additional outages in coming years and left with no option but to extend the life of pollution emitting natural gas plants that otherwise would have shut down.

Crowd sourcing energy can be a viable option. Considering that it is a high time to enlist behind the meter batteries, rooftop solar, and other distributed energy resources (DER) in exchange of to replace massive costly grid upgrades. Strong ocean breeze utilized via onshore wind farms makes them a potentially valuable complement to solar farms. Lithium-ion batteries are also one of the main after-dark clean energy options offering around 4 hours of power in event of a power outage. The Utilities Commission had already started pushing utility companies regarding the advancement of battery technology.

These crowd sourced DERs are capable to shift loads when the demand reaches high and hence could defer “wires” upgrades for years, or perhaps indefinitely.

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