Santa Barbara Middle School has recently completed installing solar panels at its beautiful Alameda Padre Serra campus. The 56.550kW system with optimizers can offset 100% of the school’s current annual electricity usage. Considering the historic architecture of the building, the school took special care that the installation was non-invasive. Luckily, the public view of the solar panels is mostly hidden, which ensures continued appreciation of the building‚Äôs architectural beauty.

The school’s goal is to make its campus as green and sustainable as possible for future generations. Other notable efforts include rainwater harvesting, organic and sustainable landscaping practices, using reclaimed materials in art & craft classes, and various recycling programs. Even the kitchen of the school was operated through its student and teacher volunteered vegetable garden and orchard. The newly installed solar project represents just one big step among many toward the school‚Äôs sustainability goal.

It is so important for schools to lead by example and this solar project raises the bar for environmental responsibility at SBMS. The solar project offers opportunities for teachers to integrate sustainability lessons into their classrooms, especially in math and science. The installation of solar PV at school premises will work as a connection between the school’s environmental efforts and its curriculum.

The new source of energy was activated on January 5th  and is made possible with the help of the Community Environmental Council (CEC). The school gave special thanks to CEC as well as Abe Powell, SBMS Board Member for his expertise and shepherding of this project. The council helps local non-profits to go solar.

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The school looks forward to continuing its push for sustainability by creating a green campus that Santa Barbara Middle School can be proud of. This school‚Äôs motto should be motto as well, which says; ‚ÄúWe are responsible to build on the legacy of those before us and create a legacy for those that come after:¬†Because of them, us. Because of us, them.‚ÄĚ