Last Thursday, powerful winds forced Californians to flee from their houses as an out of control wildfire burned near homes. The blaze in Orange County’s Silverado Canyon began late Wednesday as a house fire that quickly spread to tinder-dry brush and pushed through Southern California Canyons as gusts topped 70 mph. Since it continued to burn all night, a huge plume of smoke was able to be seen for miles.

Whereas the high winds were mostly confined in Southern California, the possibility to reach Central Valley cannot be ruled out. Experts state that dangers aren’t the immediate conditions but the dryness it causes due to which trees and grass became fuel for the fire. In Los Angeles County and nearby areas, red flag fire warnings were issued for the public’s interest.  No loss of life is yet reported.

As the dry winds are strong enough to knock down the power lines are forecasted, Sothern California Edison cut electricity to around 10,000 homes and businesses mainly in Ventura County, Kern, Los Angeles, and Riverside counties. The utility company further warned the public they could shut power to around 2,72,000 customers in eight counties which in turn can affect around 1 million people. If the situation is that dire it could lead to fire, utility companies have to cut power to prevent live wires from falling into dry bushes. Also last week, Edison had to cut power on Thanksgiving Day due to high wind.

There is nothing exaggerated when it is said that the power outages can result in substantial losses, not only in the commercial sectors but in residential sectors as well. Also, there are utility companies that continue raising their energy prices in the face of tens of billions of dollars of potential liabilities from fires.

There is absolutely no other option other to evacuate the home near the fire but homeowners who are facing power cuts due to utility shutoff can be prepared with a solution. The best way to prepare for such s contingency situation is to have a readily available backup power resource. Here, a battery-based solution integrated with Solar PV System can protect against both unexpected and programmed shutoffs. Also, there are many emerging signs that small-scale solar projects could play a key role in the future of the power grid.

Beneficially, California offers some of the most lucrative solar incentives in the country. By installing a battery backup system tied to solar PV, homeowners, as well as businesses, can optimize their electricity consumption and safely power their homes and businesses with clean energy during outages.

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