Can you think of an energy system that will produce almost 3X the energy at very little to no cost while not producing harmful gas or smoke or any waste? Also producing about millions of jobs, supporting the economy of the country, improving the quality of air as well as life, all while saving money. Seems hard to believe but researchers are optimistic about renewables. They have always amazed us in the past continue to do so.

A recent analysis opined that 100% clean electricity from the combination of solar, wind, and batteries (SWB) is both physically possible and economically affordable. The analysis covers three different regions of the United States ‚Äď California, Texas, and New England.

Up until recently, most conventional analyses have simply assumed that meeting all of our electricity needs with a 100% SWB system is impossible. However, as the cost of both solar PV and batteries has declined over 80% since 2010 and they will continue to fall as adoption grows, the convergence of SWB will offer an electricity solution that coal, gas, nuclear and other conventional energy technologies can no longer compete with.

Our existing fossil-based energy system views SWB as a problem, more precisely as a threat. A 100% SWB system will have extraordinary new properties, the most counterintuitive of which is that it will produce up to three times more energy than today’s grid. Remember how the internet slashed the cost of communication to net-zero? It is so similar. It could replace a large fraction of fossil fuel use by electrifying road transportation, residential and commercial heating, and many other energy-consuming works.

In simpler terms, solar panels and wind turbines can utilize their full latent capability at virtually no additional cost unlike coal, gas, or nuclear power stations. Hence, all the extra generation of electricity is effectively free.

In order to maximize the extraordinary benefits of the new energy system, we as individuals, communities, industries, regions, and entire nations need to make the right choices but more importantly, we have to make these choices now! Let us help you to make a better decision.