Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) are now a standard occurrence in fire-ravaged California and there are number of CDCR facilities which are located in those climate zones that experience extreme heat during summer. In October 2019, PG&E cut power to a California prison for two days due to wildfires.

Since 2008, CDCR has engaged in a collaborative effort to improve energy efficiency and dependency. To this date, CDCR has completed over one hundred energy efficiency projects that have yielded an annual savings of approximately $8.5 million and also provide necessary backup during a power outage. CDCR has been a leader in using clean on-site power generation, such as solar photovoltaic and wind power generation within the State government.

Furtherance to its ongoing effort to reduce carbon footprint, The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) is now going to construct a new solar generation project at California Men’s Colony (CMC) in the upcoming months. Also, CDCR has installed solar arrays and wind turbines at their 17 institutions and expects to complete the CMC solar project next summer.

The 2MW ground mount solar array system to be installed on the grounds of CMC is expected to generate nearly 4 Million-kilowatt hours of electricity per year providing approximately 25% of the facilities annual electricity requirements.

MCHC is also adding a solar battery microgrid power solution that will operate MCHC’s Hillside Health Center critical facilities as long as needed during a power outage, while significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Recent wildfires leading to subsequent power shutoff caused MCHC to shut down several times in 2018 and 2019. This resulted into thousands of missed visits by patients, damaged vaccines, income loss for staff, and a loss of whopping $300,000 in revenue.

Like CDCR and MCHC, institutions continually seek out additional opportunities to decrease their carbon footprint and assess technological advancements in renewable energy.

By choosing solar power or any other renewable energy source, institutions can keep the power on for critical services. In addition to avoiding lost revenue, halted workhours, the institutions can save millions in utility cost every year and offset millions of pounds of carbon dioxide, annually. Why wait? Choose Solar Energy. Talk to Staten Solar.  (408) 780-2889