Renewable energy is no longer the new kid on the block. Now it is capturing the market share from fossil fuels and nuclear energy at an unprecedented rate. The world installed more renewable energy over the past few years than nuclear and fossil fuels combined, disrupting the energy sector and the business case for conventional energy models.

Still, the recent power outages gave rise to another burning question: Can we have a grid that consists more of renewables and are reliable too?
The answer is ‚ÄúYes!‚ÄĚ

As wind and solar energy has grown and has a large share in our electricity mix. Modern wind and solar plants are now capable of providing the same grid reliability services as conventional generators.

However, they don’t work when the sun isn’t shining, or the wind isn’t blowing. Battery storage can definitely bridge the gaps but only for a few hours not for days or weeks, which is what’s needed to maintain a reliable power supply.

Solar, Wind, and battery storage are important pillars of a clean energy future, but they alone are not enough. We must imply other renewable option which can in around solar and wind power:

Renewable/Green Fuel: Swiftly move towards the adoption of green fuels, such as biogas and green hydrogen. They provide long-duration energy storage and can provide carbon negative emissions

Microgrid: Accelerate the construction and expansion of microgrids that operate when the rest of the grid has shut down. They can provide power during public safety shutoffs, rolling blackouts, and unplanned grid disruptions. No need for long transmission lines leads to no fire. Must try renewably fuelled microgrids that include biogas generation, fuel cells, linear generators, and other renewable technologies that ensure reliability without increasing climate or air pollution.

The clear conclusion is that the transformation towards renewable power – by its very diversity and flexibility – is increasing the reliability, affordability, and security of the power system, not diminishing it. Renewable technologies are very well-placed to deliver this.

Why choose one (fossil fuels/coal = reliable ‚Ȇ renewable) when you can get both (solar/wind/green fuel = renewable = reliable = pollution-free). Contact Staten Solar and start generating clean and reliable energy on your own. Write to us today.