Wind and solar energy were beginning to take off 10 years ago; today, they are playing an important part in the nation’s energy landscape. In a report published by Environment America Research & Policy Centre, it was observed that in 2019, the United States produced 30 times more solar power than it did in 2010.

In addition to the growth in renewable energy, utility-scale battery storage also increased 20-fold since 2010 and more than a million electric vehicles are on the road in the U.S.

How did this happen?
People have always reaped the benefits of the Sun to grow food and now to generate electricity. In the last decade, both technology and the economy have work in favor to get more out of it and hence, gave a push to electrification efforts. Other reasons for this tremendous growth are discussed below:

Falling prices and Enhancement in technology
A simple example of this is that the typical residential solar energy system costs have dropped nearly 50% as compared to 10 years ago. The solar panels available today are more efficient than those in 2010, which enables you to generate more clean energy in less space. Solar PV is already among the least expensive sources of new electricity generation. It is anticipated that prices will continue to fall. Solar energy is becoming more affordable than ever before!

Massive potential
According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the U.S. has the technical potential to meet its current electricity needs more than 75 times over with solar energy, and every state in the country has enough solar energy potential to supply all of its electricity needs.

Climate Concerns
Humanity is facing an ‚Äúall hands on deck‚ÄĚ climate-change emergency. Since rooftop solar and storage can be installed quickly and almost inexpensively, people are not only concerned about net-zero carbon¬†emission, they are trying to make it carbon negative as quickly as possible and Solar emerges as a golden card.

Accelerate clean energy progress with solar energy
To prevent the worst impacts of global warming, the U.S. must rapidly phase out the use of fossil fuels and commit to 100% clean, renewable energy and solar energy helps a lot. To get there, states and federal governments should:

  • Adopt 100% renewable energy goals.
  • Provide continued financial and policy support for solar energy
  • Strengthen energy efficiency standards and programs to make it easier to repower America with clean energy.
  • Continue to support research to drive solar power innovations
  • Invest in technologies like electric vehicles, building electrification, and energy storage.
 By accelerating the nation’s electrification transition, we have the potential to avoid the worst impacts of global warming, while at the same time improving the environment and economy. Shift to solar energy to improve the environment while maximizing your savings. We at Staten Solar will provide you the optimum solutions for your smarter life. Generate your own clean electricity. Save the Earth!  Go Solar!