Recently, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield has earned a spot on the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Top 100 List of the largest green power users. They also made the EPA’s Top 30 List for companies generating and consuming green power on-site.

Three Westfield stores in Silicon Valley, San Diego, and Paramus being one of the innovative and productive shopping centres, are the country’s most environmentally conscious retail destinations as well.

The company recently announced that they have completed the installation and started generating power from new solar plants at the centres. These installations were completed by Pacific Gas and Electric, San Diego Gas and Electric and Public Service Enterprise Group and more than 10,000 solar panels were installed in total across the three projects.

After the fresh installation, the total number of centres powered by the Sun reaches to seven. Resultantly, URW’s solar capacity reaches over 10.6 MW which can generate 16.7 GWh of renewable energy.

In direction of companies ‘Better Places 2030’ initiative and its wider carbon-reduction goal, the company also focused on waste management, water conservation, and retrofitting of LED lighting systems.

Solar is a strategic asset for twenty-first-century companies. Any business’s commitment to clean energy sends a strong message to its customers and the community. Further, solar helps a business in slashed energy costs and hedges against utility rate increases. Federal Tax credits and accelerated depreciation add further benefits.

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