The renewable industry in the nation is on the verge of a record-breaking year even after the harsh pandemic. According to the U.S. Energy information administration’s latest report, the industry registered very strong growth in the production from renewable sources. The International Energy Agency also recently declared ‘solar energy’ as the king of electricity.

It was observed that clean energy made up 13% against 11% of 2019’s electricity generation excluding hydro, including all renewable energy sources. It is pertinent to mention that these numbers only factor in the solar photovoltaic generation, if you include solar thermal generation, the numbers go up.

It is not out of place to mention that some other clean sources such as hydropower, biomass, and geothermal are down by few percent. Still these sources have not fallen to such an extent that coal has. These clean energy sources have generated around 5 times more electricity than coal. Generation through coal records a decline of more than 10% than the previous year.

These days some homeowners are forced to work from home and are spurred by weather-related power outages, hence the need for alternative energy, which is clean too, rises. On the other hand, climate change is undoubtedly among the foremost challenges. These days more and more corporations are aiming to be carbon neutral. Apple, Google, Facebook, Walmart, Amazon, and Target are a few on the front to tackle this challenge and giving other industries a path to follow, towards clean and green energy.

Solar PV systems are consistently cheaper than new coal- or gas-fired power plants in most countries. Mr. Fatih Birol, Execution Director at IEA said “I see solar becoming the new king of the world’s electricity markets”. Solar projects offering some of the lowest-cost electricity proves the above statement to be true.

Integrating new wind and solar power will depend on adequate investment in all parts of the system and it has grown significantly in the United States over the last decades. Why don’t we all take proper advantage of the economical, clean, and reliable electricity that solar provides?

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