What a difference a decade can make. In 2010, batteries powered our phones and computers. By the end of the decade, they are starting to power our cars and houses as well.

Battery storage systems are increasingly being used across the nation. After widespread and lengthy outages in the last several years, customers installing solar are now willing to pay a premium to add storage for backup. Despite solar installation slowing down, the pairing rate for the storage system continues to grow.

Customers understand that some things cannot be controlled such as wildfires and/or power outages by utility companies. Therefore, the customers who decide to go solar are also adding battery storage option for a backup power amid hurricanes, wildfires, and other types of grid outages.

It is pertinent to mention that residential storage companies installed 48.7 megawatts/112 megawatt-hours in Q2, up 10% from the previous quarter. Whereas several installers around and within the bay area saw solar deployments drop by around 20% from Q1 to Q2; home battery installations bucked that trend, led by growth.

The residential battery storage market is growing quickly but just not as fast as it was expected to if COVID-19 had not come to pass. Seeing the trend, one thing is certainly sure; batteries will play an even larger role in powering our lives going forward.

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