A rooftop solar PV system is a wise investment for nearly every business. It is well known that commercial energy prices are already high, and they are getting higher each passing year. If your business consumes a lot of electricity on a day to day basis, then solar energy can help you reduce your production cost by saving more on your utility bill.

Most commercial buildings qualify for installation but not every. Does your commercial building qualify for a rooftop solar system? What are other options when the answer is no?

Is your business a good fit for commercial solar power?

Solar for businesses is a high priority among the top executives of any organization. Is solar energy in the best interest of your organization? Ask yourself the following questions:

o    Your business consumes a high volume of electricity

o    You operate in one of the states where commercial utility rates are high

o    You operate on multiple locations with good quality roofs

o    You have large parking space or empty adjacent land

o    Your business has sustainability goals

o    Want to market your sustainability activities for marketing purposes.

If your answer is ‘YES’ for any of these questions, commercial solar power is a good choice for your business. Let us tell you more.


Regardless of whether a rooftop photovoltaic installation works for your business’ building or you need to go with a different type of commercial solar panel system, you can expect several benefits.

  • Save more on utility bills: First and foremost, a benefit of solar energy is the potential to lower your energy bills as well as offering freedom from the clutches of your utility company. (We are talking about energy rate spikes!). The money you save by going solar directly impacts your business’ bottom line.
  • Reduced grid dependency: A solar PV system can reduce your reliance on your local power grid. A PV solar system coupled with a storage system increase your total savings. When the electricity goes out or it is deliberately cut off by your utility company, you still have electricity, while your competitors aren’t as fortunate.
  • Federal and Tax Incentives: When you choose solar energy, your organization will also qualify for lucrative tax incentives + the Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery Systems (MACRS) benefit. Ultimately, more savings!
  • 0 Cost marketing/Competitive Advantage:  Top corporate and conglomerates like Target, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Walmart, and Apple are adding solar. What do you think motivates them? Savings of energy bills + Free marketing. A rooftop solar or solar carport represents your organization’s commitment to sustainability and also makes a strong impression on your customers. Their bond with your brand grows.

Alternatives to a rooftop solar PV system
Whenever a rooftop is not sufficient or does not qualify for a solar panel system, businesses have other options for switching to solar energy.  A solar carport is an overhead canopy built to cover parking lot areas and are good choices for space-strapped properties. Businesses with enough space can also consider a ground-mounted commercial photovoltaic installation. The ancillary benefits available to your company are limited only by the imagination of your planners and your solar solution provider.

Why going solar now is more advantageous 
At the moment, more people are going solar now than ever before. Solar prices have decreased drastically in the last ten years! Also, the Solar ITC is already reduced to 26% for the year 2020 and in 2021 it is going to 22% only for commercial installation and after that, it will remain merely 10%. Hence the longer you wait, the more it costs your business.

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