Do you know that the oldest known solar panel is still working? In New Hampshire, the oldest known grid-tied solar system installed in 1993 is still operational. Hence, you can say that solar panels are reliable.

How do they wear out?
Solar panels can easily last anywhere between 25 to 30 years, but it does not imply that they will stop working after that. It simply means that total energy production will be dropped (around 0.7 to 0.8% of their output per year).

Our experts calculated that even after 100 years, the panels in a modern solar system would still be expected to produce around 50% of its original output! A hundred years certainly is not forever, but it is a lifetime.

What affects their performance?
There are many different factors that contribute to solar panel degradation, but many of them focus on something that is hard to control – the weather. There are rare instances where solar panels have been damaged by strong wind, rain, and/or hail. Also, there is a very small chance that lightning could damage solar panels, but since solar systems are required to be grounded, the risk is vanishingly small.

#1 Team up with a trustworthy solar installer
The easiest way to ensure your solar panels last long is to partner with a well-respected solar installer who offers solid customer service. As California’s dedicated solar and storage services company, Staten Solar, has guided many customers and businesses through every step of their solar journey while helping them obtain freedom and eliminate their electric bills.

#2 Keep your solar panels clear of debris and other damaging materials
When your panels are free from leaves, dirt, pollen, dust, bird droppings, and fallen branches, this gives them the perfect scenario to generate the highest amount of solar energy possible.

#3 Monitor and maintain your panels regularly
A simple routine maintenance check will help keep your solar system’s panel performance running at maximum efficiency. Staten Solar also offers comprehensive professional maintenance and monitoring services at a very minimal cost.

Finding a sustainable solar solution for your home or business is easy. There is absolutely no doubt that home solar panel systems are a major investment. Fortunately, U.S. solar costs have dropped to an all-time low, so the best time to switch to solar is now.

If you have any questions about your future solar system, our team at Staten Solar is ready to guide you to the best product and services for your home or business.

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