By 2045, California will undergo a remarkable evolution. Supported by its residents, the Golden State will achieve carbon neutrality and reduce the threat of climate change. But, achieving that goal is not an easy task. Apparently, it requires a change in attitude, but we can do it and it is the correct time.

Southern California Edison recently studied the steps that California must take to meet its 2045 goals to clean the electricity grid and reach carbon neutrality. Today, we’ll show you how to get there:

Electrification of buildings: Making polices for all new and existing homes and buildings to use efficient electric space and water heating.

Electrification of Transportation:¬†Push for electric vehicles ‚Äď in all aspects whether it is a sedan, truck, or bus. 1/3 of the energy on the grid must be used to power these electric vehicles.

Use low carbon fuels: Extreme reduction in natural gas consumption. Push for alternatives like biomethane and hydrogen. Heavy-duty trucks must be powered by hydrogen which produces no carbon when used.

Decarbonize Electricity: Electrification of buildings and transportation will further increase customers’ reliance on the grid., hence 100% retail sales from carbon-free electricity. 50% of single-family homes must have solar panels, Increase in clean energy generation capacity by three times.

Carbon Sinking
The remaining carbon is assumed to be sequestered, either biologically or physically, to reach carbon neutrality.

Brownie points
It is pertinent to mention here that this carbon neutrality evolution will bring tremendous economic development opportunities to California including thousands of sustaining craft and skilled jobs. Also, do not forget about the greatly reduced greenhouse gas emissions in the state.

This transition will largely rely on the adoption and deployment of currently available technologies. The state has initiated and implemented many green policies, but much work remains to ensure that an effective policy framework is in place for the clean future Californians seek.

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