If we want to decarbonize quickly and run as much power as possible on renewable energy, we need to energize everything.

While renewable energy may not be the cheapest energy, it is usually the cheapest new energy. Energizing everything will raise the demand for electricity and hence the deployment of the renewables.

Unfortunately, theory and reality diverge quickly when it comes to energizing. It does not need to be that way. Three things must shift to get theory and reality in alignment:

  • Make energy power exciting
  • Dispel myths about for contractors and consumers
  • Modify policies and remove market barriers

Making energy power cool
Demand is very powerful because it can largely override policy. Better technologies should not require hard policy push. Cars, refrigerators, and cellphones were adopted into daily life because they made human life better.

If we want a fast adaptation of our “energize everything” concept, we really need to focus on making it something that consumers want. The good is that energizing is getting better year by year. The last decade has brought us a series of extraordinary advancements for consumers. Take for example the following:

Cars: Many companies are now racing to make electric vehicles. They are so effective, they quickly became status symbols. Not to mention electric motorcycles and trucks are also well within our reach.

Cooking: You may not agree but induction electric cooking is a better experience than cooking with gas and also the keystone to energizing.

Space heating: New, cold climate heat pumps make it economically viable to replace furnaces in much of the U.S. They can provide better comfort, which is the key selling point.

Water heating: Heat pump water heaters now have lower operating costs than many gas water heaters. They don’t have a carbon monoxide risk and offer more locational flexibility since they don’t require a flue.

Energy: Solar and wind are now the least expensive energy sources in many markets, not only for home heating but for running a business too. We don’t need new technology to energize everything. Everything we need is already available today.

Dispelling myths
Energizing is still scary. Unless we dispel the myths about electrification, nothing is going to happen. Heat pumps are probably the hardest change from a contractor perspective, while induction cooking is the hardest change from a consumer standpoint.

Fail to alleviate contractor and consumer fears, and the “energize everything” movement would not see the fast adoption curve that we want and need.

Update policies and remove market barriers
If we expect the electrification market to grow, we should implement policies and issued guidelines such as one has to mention the energy use or energy cost at the time of home sale. Homes that use less than their comps should be worth more, but they are not presently.

The policy has a big role to play, but if we can create real demand for electrification and dispel myths, the policy will supercharge adoption rather than driving it directly.

Creating demand and reducing fears is something you can do personally. Buy clean electricity or generate one with the help solar on your roof or empty space in your farm. Motivate others to go solar. Start replacing gas appliances. Buy an electric car and charge the same with solar PV plant on your roof. Save more in your business with a decreased utility bill.

We can do this together. All the tech we need is here today. What steps are you going to take today to energize everything? Ask an expert. Ask Staten Solar. Call us today! (408-780-2889)