When solar energy equipment was first made available, it was costly before the technologies became more mainstream. Yet, photovoltaic-equipped homes remain a rarity in the US, despite there being a push for the adoption of renewable energy in one way or another.

Despite being less expensive than ever before, clean technology and appealing to a much broader audience, installation is not happening as much in the United States. Why is there less solar in the US?

We must understand that “one-size-fits-all” message is not likely to inspire citizens to go for solar power.

There are people who intend to go solar and can pay upfront the installation cost. For this group of people, financial interests are the key points to go ahead with the purchase. Free source of energy, federal incentives, tax credit, state rebates and increasing utility rates persuade them.

On the other hand, there are people and communities who are primarily motivated by environmental concerns. They do not have a high productive location but are ready to install a solar system. For them, it is the need of the hour and clean environment, reduced carbon footprint, and global warming that motivates them.

Either greed or need, whatever motivates people, communities, and business to go solar, will result in the betterment for themselves and the world. There is no shame to be “greedy” especially when it comes to solar energy. Please use the sun at its fullest!

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