U.S. natural-gas backup generator giant, Generac Power Systems, enters the solar storage market with their PWRcell product line, an integrated system with an extra wow factor. While that extra power and capacity has come at a higher cost, Generac has been dropping prices to match competing systems in recent months.

The reason behind the move is solar-battery systems don’t pack enough punch to start up a power-hungry air conditioner or pumps or store enough power to run an entire home’s electricity load for more than a handful of hours at a time.

“Delivering a whole-home experience from battery storage systems is currently a gap in the industry overall,” said Aaron Jagdfeld, President and CEO of Generac. “The keys to achieving this are high-output power, large battery capacity and intelligent load management. PWRcell is the first to deliver this to homeowners and contractors.”

The newly introduced products and their capabilities can turn the promise of whole-home solar backup power into reality. Making Generac’s PWRcell the first end-to-end solar and storage system to be capable of providing intelligently, managed backup power to the entire home.

When unpredictable weather events and an unreliable electrical grid are constant threats to comfortable living, such innovative solution/systems add confidence, savings and flexibility. Now customers can run their whole house on stored sunshine.