California has been at the forefront of emission reductions and renewable energy for decades. Looking back over the years, it is amazing to see the changes and progress we have made in lowering our environmental impact.

Think today about tomorrow
We are assuming that you have decided to, or already installed a solar panel system. It is almost a no-brainer to add an electric vehicle (EV) so that your transportation can also be less expensive and emissions-free. America’s EV adoption rate is quickly rising as more affordable, long-range models are introduced to the market.

Let us look otherwise
You’ve yet to install solar but own a few electric cars, so why not add solar panels to your home to offset your increased electrical consumption? Also, at-home charging stations draw energy from the existing electrical grids to charge your EV may be somewhat costly. You may ask why at-home charging if there are public charges available, but home charging ports provide a more convenient way.

There are not nearly as many public EV charging stations as public gas stations, so it is sometimes necessary for the owners to install their own. Therefore, pairing a charging station with a solar panel system is a great solution for EV owners.

The U.S. already has a good concentration of electric-car ownership and is aggressively pushing EV ownership. Cities like Fremont, CA already require all new homes to have solar panels and EVSEs installed.

Solar Costs at a record low, federal credits & State incentives
This is the best time to add solar and other energy-efficient improvements to your home. Solar ITC and federal tax credit program and other state incentives are the frostings on the cake!

High & Increasing Electricity Rates
It’s not a bad decision to charge your EV at-home charging station via existing electricity grid but be prepared for a peak in energy usage charges in your utility bill and an increase in rates more as well.

Want a least expensive option along with zero emissions? Solar may be the answer!
A survey of more than 19,000 EV owners from 2013 through 2015 by the California Clean Vehicle Rebate Program showed that about 40% of EV owners have a photovoltaic system installed at their home or are planning to install one.

Solar panels are the newest upgrade for electric vehicles.
A match made in heaven, as many like to say.

As previously discussed, there is nothing bad in owning an EV without installing solar panels, but wouldn’t it be ideal if the power you get off of the sun for your car could also power your home? Giving you free power and zero emissions. As long as your solar system is sized to cover the electricity needs of the home and the car, your utility bill will be minimal.

Solar panels are a cost-effective way to fuel your electric car. If you are thinking of installing solar panels at your home and adding an EV in the future, or if you already have an EV and want to add solar, Staten Solar can help you. Talk with one of our energy advisors today!