One of the most common misconceptions about solar is that people who install panels will no longer receive an electricity bill from their utility company.

Solar PV System installation for the home or business is one of the best options for lowering your energy bills and saving money on your long-term utility expenses. If your roof is large enough to fit all required panels, you can reduce your annual electricity supply costs to zero*.

Still, a number of people suggest that solar isn’t worth the money and isn’t paying for itself quickly enough. Today, we are here to supply the answers to such a question and a few more.

If your energy bill looks too high: Go through the checklist
It is very easy for a homeowner/business owner to get a bit panicked, believing their newly installed system is not working, or that they made a mistake installing it. Here are a few reasons a solar bill might look too high following the fresh installation of a Solar PV system:

1. Your System is not working the way it should 
This is a rare occurrence, but mistakes do happen. The easiest way to prevent problems with your system is to have your solar installer walk you through the process of operating the system. If you ever discover any problems with your system, contact the team who installed it immediately.

2. You started using much power than before
If this question confuses or puts you in a kind of dilemma, believe us, you are not the only one. The answer though may be quite simple: You could be consuming much more energy than you regularly do. This, in turn, could be eating up your solar savings and making it difficult for you to reap the cost-saving benefits of your system. A number of old appliances or old machinery are also one of the reasons you got a higher electricity bill as they consume more power. Do not forget the taxes and service fee.

3. Maybe you are reading the meter wrong
If your system is properly installed and you have not upped your energy consumption by adding any large appliance at your premises or any new machinery at your business place, the chances are good that you might be reading the meter wrong. This is a common problem and not something to be embarrassed about.

Just contact your solar installer or any of your local solar installer for assistance in learning to read your system correctly.

Considering Installing Solar: You will still get a bill, but a lot, a lot lower
If you or your business plan to go solar, do expect an energy bill but it should be a lot less than what you are used to. Suppose you live somewhere in California, where your minimum monthly bill for your home is just $18. This is a lot better than the average home energy bill of $170 in California. Just think about the difference that would make if you install solar on your commercial property!

That is just the average, and a lot of people in the United States regularly have electricity bills that are hundreds of dollars a month. If you have such energy consumption, adding solar panels to your house or business and seeing your net electricity usage drop to zero (or even negative) on your energy bill is a pretty awesome thing.

So, all we would say that if your system is designed correctly, solar panels are 100% effective in reducing power bills. Staten Solar feels honored to guide you on your path to solar. Reach out to us today!

* Most utility companies charge a minimum monthly fee/ Fixed utility charges, which means that you will have to pay a small amount every month, even if your usage that month is zero or even negative.