In the near future, renewables will take over a larger role as a primary source of power for electric grids, and particularly, PV will lead the way. Solar PV is swiftly evolving down the path to intelligence, considering the latest trends. Given the rapid development of emerging information and communication technologies (ICT) – such as AI, cloud computing, big data, and 5G – energy experts have an idea of what is in store for the future of solar PV.

As renewable energy penetration increases to account for a greater proportion of total energy production, efforts to ensure safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness across power generation assets will become a bigger priority for the solar PV industry.

Despite a booming global PV market and a promising outlook, there are still many PV plants that have not been optimized for intelligence. With the rapid development of digital technologies such as 5G and cloud services. Experts project that more than 90% of PV plants will be fully digitalized by 2025, making it possible for PV plants to become simplified and more intelligent.

It is also predicted that PV plants must gradually evolve from adapting to the power grid to supporting the power grid. The in-depth integration of Artificial Intelligence and PV will facilitate mutual sensing and interconnection between devices and will improve power generation and O&M efficiency through collaborative optimization.

The integration of solar PV and battery energy storage technology has already begun to show its promise for a clean energy future. This trend has no sign of slowing down in its trajectory.

The advantages of the “Smart PV System” are such that it is safe to predict that it will be the next step in the PV revolution. A digitally optimized system equipped with Artificial Intelligence and a storage option can be described as a Smart PV System. In addition, proper and efficient O&M further enhance the life of the plant.

Designing Solar PV Systems for different markets is both an art form and science. It is very important to buy quality components and services. It might cost you more now but will save you more over the long haul. Solar power is going to be an absolute essential in the near future for increased energy demands and it is our duty to make it be from a renewable source. Let’s opt for solar energy to help reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and let us become energy independent in the world.

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