The State of California lifted restrictions on solar and storage installers at the beginning of May, deeming them as “essential service providers”. With the majority of the state’s homeowners under stay-at-home orders during the pandemic, the necessity of reliable home power has become abundantly clear. The infamous “camp” wildfire had already broken the paradigm for millions of people in California that their homes or businesses will always have the power. Once again, as California prepares for wildfire season and Public Safety Power Shutoffs that will leave many in the dark, a Solar PV System that include battery backup systems are more important than ever to keep homes and businesses running.

The California Public Utilities Commission requires that electric utility companies develop and submit plans to reduce the risk of fire ignitions caused by overhead facilities located in high fire-threat areas during an extreme wild-fire event. In an extreme fire hazard situation, it may be necessary for the utility company to disconnect the power lines that serve that area, however, customers located outside the area should still plan to take precautions. It is also pertinent to mention here that if an area includes transmission lines, the impact on the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors in a large area could be dramatic, with the possibility of affecting millions of customers.

The power outages during that time can result in substantial losses, not only in the commercial sectors but in residential sectors as well. Also, there are utility companies that continue raising the energy prices in the face of tens of billions of dollars of potential liabilities from fires. The best way to prepare for contingency situations is to have a readily available backup power resource. Here, a battery-based solution integrated with Solar PV System can protect against both unexpected and programmed shutoffs. Most of us have wanted to have solar, now the threat of blackouts and energy price hikes are making the decision more clear.

Beneficially, California offers some of the most lucrative solar incentives in the country. By installing a battery backup system tied to solar PV, homeowners, as well as businesses, can optimize their electricity consumption and safely power their homes and businesses with clean energy during outages.

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