You might have thought that the solar industry would hibernate when Covid-19 pandemic began until life returned to its pre-virus normalcy. With the desire to save money and minimize interactions with others, it makes sense that this was predicted once most Americans were ordered to stay at home. However, if you see the past few months, reality may not reflect this sentiment. You will be surprised like many others in the energy industry, the desire to go solar actually increased.

New data from a consumer survey conducted by The Harris Poll for LG shows that consumer interest in investing in solar has actually risen since the start of the pandemic. There are customers who were not even considering solar prior to the pandemic but are now researching and exploring into solar power as an answer to questions about energy and resiliency.

These unprecedented times likely make people think about solar a little bit differently. Saving money has always been one of the main draws of solar. But now, with the world in such a precarious state, people are looking for safety and security. Even once the pandemic subsides, homeowners, as well as business owners, want to prepare for the possibility of another, maybe worse, crisis.

Many might have understood that solar power has the potential to play a role in our recovery from this pandemic, as well as ensure a greener world once the virus has subsided. There are some big benefits of solar energy that will help in this way.

  • By investing in Solar one can not only boosts the U.S. economy but also the American workforce.
  • Yes, we are facing a health crisis, but remember another global crisis: climate change. The renewable energy that we can get from the sun can help reduce the amount of pollution released into the atmosphere. With each solar system installed you can take us a step closer to preventing destructive natural disasters like wildfires.
  • This is the best time to go solar. The cost of solar power has plummeted over the past four decades, with the greatest cost reductions occurring in just the last few years.
  • Get rid of energy price hike by your utility company.
  • PV cells have become much more efficient at converting sunlight to electricity
  • Businesses, as well as homeowners, can see payback periods between five and eight years.
  • Why do pay the utility company when solar power is a free source of energy. Install it on your business or home, maintain a little and earn high returns. 

Solar energy may not be an “essential” need, but feelings of safety and security certainly are. We all want control and predictability. In-home energy usages are up, and summer is yet to come. Cost savings to homeowners who go solar is increasing, but our customers are also telling us that solar power is bringing them a much-needed sense of comfort. Solar panels are a great way to keep that comfort 24/7.

Staten Solar is an expert in its field and also has the experience, reputation, and financial viability; all key to becoming a successful energy partner for our valuable customers. We use remote technology and artificial intelligence to prepare an estimate of how much solar would cost you. We can design what a solar system would look like (on your roof or carport) and determine how much of your future electricity usage would be covered by solar production.

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