Surprisingly, it has only been six months since the Kincade fire burned through town and forced families to flee to safety. Luckily, some areas were spared. If families would have stayed, they would have been stuck without electricity for almost a week, because PG&E shutting down power lines to prevent them from sparking additional blazes. This ultimately broke the long-held paradigm for millions of people in California that their homes or businesses will always have power. What is more disappointing is that it might happen again.

Solar panels on roofs and battery storage on garages seem to be the only viable option available now to keep the power on when any natural disaster arises.

But because Covid-19 has brought daily life to a halt, problems have accumulated for solar & storage projects. In many cities, permit office are closed. Issuance of permits are milestones for many solar installers. Construction will have to follow with local orders, but we can at least get ready with procurement and help keep the economy moving. With California’s next fire season just a few months away, solar companies are scrambling to install rooftop solar panels and electricity-storing batteries at customer’s homes to help them keep power running during the possible future power shutoffs.

Other utility companies continue raising prices in the face of billions of dollars of potential liabilities due to the fires. And yet, we do not see cities and counties making it easier for solar and battery installers. It is not out of place to mention that rooftop panels can help people keep energy costs down at a time when millions of Americans have filed for unemployment and residential electricity use is up as much as 20 Precent

Federal data shows power production from solar projects smaller than 1MW capacity are up more than 3 times in states between 2014 and 2019. California alone generates more electricity from small solar installations last year than it did from wind turbines. Also, there are many emerging signs that tell that small-scale solar projects could play a key role in the future of the power grid.

Most of us long to go solar and get off fossil fuels. The threat of blackouts and price hikes are making the decision more urgent. That is why technology (solar + storage) brings a sense of security.

From engineering process to completion, Staten Solar can reduce costs and save time throughout the project. Our goal is to guide our customer every step, which ultimately leads to maximum return on their investment. Join us and experience how Staten Solar can help to make your solar project profitable!